School Codes and Charters

At St Patrick's Primary School we take behaviour very seriously, whether it be inside or outside of the classroom.  The school has an overall Code of Cooperation and each classroom develops their own Classroom Charter at the start of each year to aid in the discussions around behaviour and expectations.
Code of Cooperation

The school's code of cooperation is a whole school approach in creating an environment to promote positive behaviour and reduce opportunities for poor behaviour. The guiding principles is respecting self and others, taking responsibility for one's actions and allowing everyone to feel safe.

Classroom Charters

At the commencement of every year classes create a class charter.  A charter is a “mission statement,” created by teachers and students that establish the kind of learning environment we want to cultivate and maintain.  Charters are living documents.  This means that over the course of the school year they will be consistently referred to and can change if the creators of that charter feel it is missing something or is no longer an accurate representation of the group.


It is important to create and display a visual of the charter.