Performing Arts

Miss Nicole Daniel

Performing Arts at St Patrick's provides the opportunity for students to connect to their creativity and many interests in a safe and supported space. The performing arts program has been developed to provide a creative outlet for all students, in order to develop their creativity, confidence, stagecraft, self confidence and public speaking skills, to name a few outcomes.

The Performing arts stream aims to develop well rounded, emotionally aware learners, that can collaborate creatively with their peers, reflect on theatre and film history and apply their learning, to relevant present day issues/texts and all other learning areas and disciplines.

Primarily focused on Drama, students take part in all levels of creating and performing small productions. Their individual skills will be showcased during talent shows and end of year performances.

Guided by the Victorian Curriculum, each year level will build on their current understandings of ensemble, movement, voice, character, film and theatre history, improvisation, mime, performance, scriptwriting and more.

There are opportunities outside of the classroom to explore other avenues of the Performing Arts at St Patrick's, such as instrumental lessons in guitar, piano, singing and drums.