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  • School Uniform Survey

    Considering some recent queries to the school and State government school amendments, we thought it was timely to conduct a survey regarding our current school uniform. This survey should take about 10 minutes and we would appreciate as many families participating as possible to ensure that we get a broad cross-section of views from our families. The survey can be found at and will be open until Friday 24th November.

  • Ditto visits Preps

    Our Prep students have been learning about YES and NO feelings during their Health classes this term. This included learning about Ditto’s rules to help keep them safe and how their body might react if they were having unsure or ‘no’ feelings. To culminate this area of study, Ditto from the Bravehearts organisation visited all of the Prep students to help reinforce the messages of being able to say ‘NO’ and ‘Run and Tell’ if they have a no feeling. The performance engaged the students through singing, following actions and humour to reinforce the importance of Ditto's message.

  • What is Restorative Practice?

    Last Thursday Martin Prior, our Wellbeing and Community Coach, led a family forum on Restorative Practices, which is a significant element of the school's overall behaviour management program. This forum has been recorded and we would invite all of our families to view it.

  • French Information Session

    On Monday our French teacher, Alyce Strachan, along with her mentor Cath, from Catholic Education Melbourne, conducted an information session for our families on how the French language classes will look this year. For those that couldn't get to the session, we have videoed it and you can watch it on the video.

  • Welcome back for 2018!

    Well the 2018 school year has commenced today. To our existing families, welcome back, and to our new families, welcome to our school. Today has been a great settling day, with lots of information, setting up and getting to know each other. We hope that everyone has had a great start to the school year. "Learning ignites hope"

  • Bombers leading the way.

    Our Grade 6 students were lucky enough to have Orazio Fantasia, Kyle Langford and Josh Green from the Essendon Football Club visit them on Monday. The focus of the players talk was to do with leadership and the qualities that leaders need. They also discussed goal setting and how they work towards achieving their personal goals. Question time was then given with our students asking a wide variety of questions about the players personal journeys to playing in the AFL, training and diet choices and their thoughts on various opponents! Many thanks to the Essendon Football Club for fitting St. Pat's into their busy schedules!