About St Patrick's Primary School

St Patrick’s is founded on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ as they are presented to us in the Gospel.

They are central to the vision and mission of our school and permeate every aspect of school life as our community accepts the challenge to walk in Jesus’ footsteps each day. At St Patrick’s, the children in our care are central to everything we do. Their uniqueness is recognised and celebrated as we strive to cater for individual learning needs.

At St Patrick’s we aim to:

  • Welcome and work in partnership with parents, who are the prime educators of their children.

  • Nurture a caring community of staff, students and parents by promoting the values of respect, tolerance and co-operation.

  • Personalise the children’s learning experiences by using a diverse range of teaching styles and methods

  • Provide suitable opportunities that enable the children to develop in spirit, mind and body.