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Classroom Subjects

St Patrick's Primary School breaks up the Victorian Curriculum into subjects taught both in the classroom and in specialised environments  within the school.  The information provided here is with respect to those subjects taught in the classroom.

Our literacy program reflects the various elements of the Victorian Curriculum which includes reading and viewing, writing and spelling and speaking and listening.  Each class studies English for 10 hours a week.  For more information on the Literacy program, click here.


Mathematics is taught under the 3 strands outlined in the Victorian Curriculum - Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.  Students study Mathematics for 5 hours per week in every level of the school.  For more information on the Maths program, click here.

Integrated Inquiry

The inquiry process develops skills for lifelong learning in areas such as history, environment, science and citizenship.  Each class studies Inquiry for two hours a week.  For more information on the Inquiry program, click here.


The Religious Education Curriculum attends to the spiritual development of each person to appreciating the value of Catholic faith.  Each class studies RE for 2 hours per week.  For more information on the RE program, click here.

Social & Emotional

SEL assists students in relationships, decision-making, learning how to handle challenging situations and develop leadership skills across the curriculum to nurture their wellbeing and assist their learning.  Each class studies SEL for at least 45 minutes a week.  For more information on the SEL program, click here.


Whilst technolgoies is not a separate subject within the curriculum, it is incorporated across all parts of the curriculum.  For more information on the Technologies program, click here.

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