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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and reporting is a critical element in the education process.  Assessment allows teachers to track a student in their learning journey, and the reporting of that assessment ensures that the information is shared to families and goals are set going forward.

Teachers, Students and Parents/Carers work in partnership in the assessment and reporting cycle.

At St Patrick's, assessment is an ongoing process, both formally and informally, as they watch, record, collect data and help develop the children in the classroom.  That assessment is not just academic, but can also include their social and emotional wellbeing as well.

The following formal assessment and reporting events take place during the year:

  • Term 1 - "Get to know you interviews" for parents and teachers to meet early in the term.

  • Term 2 - NAPLAN in mid-May for Years 3 and 5.  A report to the child’s family is then distributed at a later date.

  • Term 2 - Mid-year written school report, delivered electronically through PAM (below).

  • Term 2 - Three-way conferences, between parent, student and teacher, where students lead the meeting to present their learnings.

  • Term 4 - End of year written school report, delivered electronically through PAM (below).

In addition to the above, there are a range of literacy and numeracy tests that the students do throughout the year to assess and develop their skill and progression in these areas.

Productive partnerships are valued by the school community.  At any time of the year, parents/carers are welcome to make an appointment with the classroom teacher to discuss their child’s progress.

To access reports, the school uses the SIMON system and the Parent Access Module within SIMON provides access to your children's information, including reports.  To access PAM, click on the SIMON logo below:

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