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Wellness Programs

St Patrick's Primary School have a range of different wellness programs that are aimed to providing students with a diverse range of activities and programs to address their specific needs.
Bounce Back!

The BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing & Resilience Program looks at the environmental and personal skills for building resilience in children and young people.


The program focuses mainly on the teaching of coping skills to help children and young people respond positively to the complexity of their everyday lives. In other words, children are taught how to ‘bounce back’ after experiencing sadness, difficulties, frustrations and hard times.

More information on the Bounce Back! program can be found on the KidsMatter website here.

Buddy Program

Each Prep student is matched with a Grade 6 buddy. Together, they participate in regular shared learning activities throughout the year, including literacy, inquiry, maths games, cooking and craft.


It helps the Preps feel safe at school and promotes leadership and responsibility in the Grade 6's, who do an amazing job nurturing and guiding the preps through their first year.


It is a rewarding and positive program for all involved!

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a small group grief and loss education program.


It is based on the belief that change and loss are part of life and grief is a normal response to these losses.


The Seasons for Growth program provides an opportunity for children to learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to understand and respond well to grief and loss experiences (e.g. death, separation, divorce).

More information on the Seasons for Growth program can be found on the KidsMatter website here.

Imagination Club

St Patrick's work with the I-CAN Network and together we embrace Autism.  Through the Imagination Club we also recognise that many students don’t have a diagnosis, or their diagnosis has not been disclosed. Our school's mentoring program is called ‘Imagination Club – for students with big imaginations’.

More information on Imagination Clubs can be found on the I CAN Network website here.