Whole School Liturgies

Whole School Masses are celebrated during the year.  Special Liturgies are celebrated in accordance with the Liturgical Calendar and the school community is welcome to attend. Places of worship are the Parish church, stadium and court yard.

Classroom teachers prepare liturgical celebrations with their students. Students have an opportunity to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist through attending class mass. Every class prepares for and attends at least once per semester. Mass is held in the St Patrick’s Church at 9am on weekdays.  Families and members of the Parish and school community are always welcome to attend these celebrations.

Class Mass at Church
Religious education at St Patrick’s is not confined to Religious Education classes.  Christ is at the centre of all of our endeavours.  As a learning community joined together in faith we aim to bear witness to Christ’s vision and values in all aspects of school life.  In doing so, we extend our formal religious education to include class mass at church and whole school liturgies.

Mass and Liturgy

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