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Excursions, Incursions and Camps

Camps, excursions and incursions are an important aspect of the educational program at St Patrick's.  These programs offer students the opportunity to expand their learning, life and social skills in an alternative setting or using a different approach.  These programs have an academic, interperson or environmental emphasis.


St Patrick's offer excursions to students in all year levels.  The excursions are curriculum based and are linked to the learning at the time.  Excursions can be both local, like historical town walks, and more further afield such as Bendigo Discovery Centre, Melbourne Zoo, etc.


Incursions are activities presented to students by external presenters within the school.  Incursions are also curriculum based and linked to the learning at the time.  Incursions may include presentations on animals, history, investigating, etc.


St Patrick's Primary School hold school camps each year for students in Years 4, 5 and 6.  The camps are used to extend the stduents knowledge in a setting outside of school, and helps to develop skills and confidence in the students.

St Patrick's Primary School has a policy on school camps, which can be found here.

Grade 4

Our Year 4 students will go on an overnight camp to Camp Weekaway in Benlock (near Lancefield). 


The students participate in a range of activities over the two days.  For more information about Weekaway Camp click here.

Grade 5

Our Year 5 students participate in a two-night camp to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.

The students participate in a range of activities over the three days to learn about the goldrush of the 1850s.  The students also participate in the costume school where the students and teachers dress in 1850s clothes and participate in a day in an 1850s school.  For more information about excursions at Sovereign Hill, click here.

Grade 6

Our Year 6 students participate in a two-night camp to the Melbourne CBD.

The students stay at City CYC and participate in a number of mini excursions throughout the city, including visiting the MCG, The Shrine of Remembrance, St Patrick's Cathedral, a river cruise, the Museum and more.

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