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Prep 2025 Meeting Bookings

As part of the Prep 2025 application process, all prospective students and their families attend an application meeting with the School Principal, Michael Bourne.  Please book this compulsory meeting using the form below.

St Patrick's Primary School Kilmore welcomes you to our online booking for Prep 2025 Application Meetings.

At least one parent/carer and the 2025 prep student are required to attend the meeting.

The appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and we ask that you arrive 5 minutes early.

If relevant to your child, please bring any documentation, ie current records from paediatrician, speech therapist, etc to the meeting.

If your child wears glasses, please bring them along to the appointment.

Select a meeting time that suits you and your child.  

If you are booking meetings for more than one child, please complete separate meeting event bookings for each child (do not use Student 2, 3, 4 etc).

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