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Communication is a fundamental element of the relationship between the school and their families.  St Patrick's ensures that there are as many opportunities for the school to get messages to families, and families to communicate to the school.  Some of the more regular methods of communication are shown here.


The school newsletter is a document that is communicated to families every Thursday via email.  Hard copies of the document can be collected at the front office on Fridays.

The newsletter provides details on upcoming events, curriciulum, reviews of recent activities, community news, as well as reports from the principal and other curriculum leaders.

SIMON Everywhere App

SIMON Everywhere is a simple smartphone app where information can be quickly sent to parents.

Through push notifications, parents can be informed of urgent information, upcoming events as well as providing reminders.  As such we request that ALL parents and carers download the app and have it ready to receive notifications.  Through the app, families can also access their Parent Access Module (PAM) to update student medical information, access school reports, report student absences, etc.

The SIMON Everywhere app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Simon Everywhere.jpg
Facebook Group

St Patrick's manages a private Facebook Group for parents and carers only.  This Facebook group is the place where photos of students will be posted, as they will not be posted on the main corporate Facebook page.

We encourage all parents and carers to join the Facebook group by going to the group and answering the membership questions at: (note that membership will not be accepted without all questions being answered).

Seesaw App

Seesaw gives families an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day, and makes communication with teachers seamless.

Seesaw empowers students to independently document their learning with built-in creative tools, and provides an authentic audience for their work. 

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