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Instrumental Music Program

St Patrick's provides great support to our students that wish to develop their music interests and talents.  The school has three rooms dedicated to private drums, guitar and piano lessons.  Specialist instrumental music lessons can be arranged directly with the teachers and can be conducted during the school day, or before/after school.


Drumming at St Patrick's Primary School is run by professional musician and drummer Corey Mills, who delivers a well-structured and informative program for the young minds of today.

Students of all ages can immerse themselves in tailored private weekly lessons. These range from 30 minutes to one-hour lessons during or after school hours as requested.

Drummers of varying skills and abilities can cover topics starting with the fundamentals of drumming and music, including theory and reading.

Private drum lessons with Corey Mills also provide the opportunity for students to join the St Patrick's “Drum Squad” with rehearsals running once a week at lunch time. The program is fully funded by the school in order to provide an opportunity for all involved to work in a team environment and the chance to play at events such as full school assemblies and liturgical occasions such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

Students get the chance to advance their skills by working with ensemble groups and working on solo performance pieces thus providing a pathway to becoming a better musician and a more confident individual.

Furthering opportunities for senior students enrolled in private drum lessons, St Patrick's Primary School is now offering a fully funded grade 6 band program as a direct pathway into Assumption College and the My-Map course structure where Corey also teaches drums and is a leading facilitator of the ensemble program.

Enrol today and begin your drumming journey!


Individual or Group Lessons available. 


Teacher Edward Mountain offers an engaging and interactive approach to learning guitar.

Students will build well rounded set of skills on the instrument including Technique, Theory, and a wide list of songs to play.

Once confident, students may also have the opportunity to perform as part of the St Patricks Soiree Program, where they get to perform a song to showcase what they have learnt on their musical journey thus far.

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At Saint Patrick’s Primary School we offer a pedagogically informed piano program that will inspire and motivate young individuals in the art of pianism. Our piano faculty is run by our well-educated tutors, Barbara Smith, Fleur Smith, Joseph Zielinski and Ethan Wynne.

Throughout their studies, young pianists will have the opportunity to learn from a large range of genres and repertoire, understand the fundamentals of music theory and grow in their technical ability at the piano.

Piano lessons are typically 30 minutes on a weekly basis but can be expanded to 45 minutes or 60 minutes based on the student’s needs.

Students will also have the opportunity to advance through the AMEB piano repertoire, allowing the student to steadily progress through these grades that will develop their understanding of music and skills at the piano. This can lead to the student deciding to sit a piano exam that is nationally recognised. These grades progress from early beginner to advanced.

Piano students will also be a part of the school Soiree that is held annually, allowing students to showcase what they have been working on with their teacher. This also provides the chance for students to play in duets with their classmates, allowing them to have a new and fun experience.

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Hey! I am Isabelle Zoch, I am a soul, pop, jazz and RnB vocalist and songwriter from Pyalong and I am nearing the end of my music degree at the Australian College of the Arts. I love all music; I love playing with other musicians and most of all I love sharing the beauty of singing and song with other people.


I am so thrilled to be part of the music team at St Patrick's Kilmore as a specialist vocal teacher offering private lessons to all of the wonderful students that are simply curious or completely ecstatic about singing.

In my lessons you can expect to have a LOAD of fun, doing lots of singing with me, learning new songs, cool and quirky vocal techniques and warmups, how to put on a fabulous performance and some fun music theory skills along the way.


There will be lots of laughs, encouragements and a lot of singing to be had, so if you think this is something you or your child would love or even just curious about, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start your singing journey with me today.

Isabelle Zoch
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School Band Program

The Senior Band Program is on offer at St Patricks Primary School as part of our co-curricular program.


Learning how to play in a band builds confidence, resilience, perseverance and is a lot of fun! Adding your new skill sets to a group setting like band can be one of the greatest experiences a student can have.


From learning complex rhythms, melodies, chord progressions, playing with backing tracks, performing and opening many events St Patricks has on offer, the band program is a guaranteed way to energise the body, mind and spirit of those involved.

Senior band offers a team bonding environment, where students will meet like-minded individuals to create, collaborate and further themselves on not only their chosen instrument but as tomorrow’s industry thought leaders too.


It is expected that all students involved in Senior Band sign up for at least two terms of private instrumental tuition.  Private instrumental tuition will provide students with the knowledge and power of what is expected to be part of an elite program and ready their minds for performances and much more.


If you would like any more information on private instrumental tuition or the Senior Band Program, please make contact with our Music Co-Ordinator Corey Mills (

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