Back to School 2022

Whilst school holidays can be a wonderful time of Christmas and New Year celebrations, filled with less routine, maybe a holiday and some relaxation, there is also the necessary job of preparing to get students back to school.

At St Patrick's we aim to provide as much information as we can for parents to help in that process.

School Uniform


All of the school uniform information can be found on our website here.  All uniform items that identify the school, such as polo shirts, house polos, backpacks, jumpers, hats and dresses are to be purchased through Academy Uniforms.  Their Thomastown store is open over the school holidays and the school uniform shop near the netball courts will reopen on Thursday 27 January at 2:30pm.  All other uniform items (except shoes) can also be purchased through the uniform shop, but can be substituted for like items from other department-type stores.

A reminder that the transition to the new uniform has finished and all new uniform items are now compulsory.  As such, the red and white checkered summer dress and blue winter tunic are no longer part of the school uniform.  Also, our Year 5 and 6 students must also wear the blue button up shirt instead of the polo shirt.



School Requisite Items

St Patrick's provides a list of items that a student will use throughout the year, broken up into a list of items the school provides and a list of items required to be supplied by families.  The list was provided at the end of Term 4, but copies of the School Requisite List for 2022 for each year level can be found here:

Prep          Year 1          Year 2           Year 3          Year 4          Year 5          Year 6

Back to School Reminders

Please remember the following:

  • Label everything that is being sent to school;

  • If a 2021 classroom is labeled on an item, such as lunch boxes, please change it to the 2022 class;

  • Do not forget to also change the classroom on the reuseable school lunch order bags to avoid lunch orders being lost;

  • There are NO lunch orders during the first full week of classes - canteen reopens on Tuesday 8 February;

  • Specialist classes commence on Wednesday 2 February - check infographic for your class sports uniform days.

School Reopening

The school office will reopen on Monday 31 January, our Back to School Open House will be on Monday 31 January at 2:15pm and students will return with classes to commence on Tuesday 1 February.

Other Dates

Please refer to the Hours, Dates and Days webpage for further information about school hours, terms dates and other school calendar dates.

2022 Welcome Barbeque

To welcome our families to school for 2022, there will be a back-to-school barbeque on the evening of the first Friday of school, Friday 4 February 2022 from 5:00-6:15pm.

2022 School Fees

Finally, school fees for 2022 have been set, and information can be found on the webpage here.  School fee invoices will be sent out early in Term 1.  The school prefers for school fees to be paid by direct debit (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly), however fees can also be paid by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or direct credit.  Please contact Deb Amodio, the Finance Officer, to setup your direct debit.

Late in 2021, our head office, MACS, released a new Concessional Fee Policy, which provides reduced fees for: families of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; families with Health Care or DVA Cards; or those families facing severe financial hardship  If you believe that you may be eligible for a concessional fee, please contact Deb Amodio (deb.amodio@spkilmore.catholic.edu.au) to request the documentation to apply for the concessional fee.  The concessional fee must be paid by direct debit and the concessional fee is not retrospective, and any existing debt stands in full.

If you face issues in paying the school fees, at any time during the year, please contact Deb Amodio, and discuss what arrangements can be made to assist your situation.  It is important that you contact the school early so that we can assist appropriately.

2022 Sports Uniform Days.png