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Transitioning to Prep

Starting prep is a very exciting time for the whole family and the beginning of your child's journey through school.  At St Patrick's, we aim to provide a welcoming and supportive community filled with opportunities for children to grow in confidence as they begin their first school year.

Our Transition to School program is made up of several parts which include:

  1. Transition conversations

  2. Kindergarten contact

  3. Discovery days

  4. Additional transition sessions

  5. Additional family meetings

  6. Transition mornings; and

  7. Family information sessions.

Once at school, the transition is further assisted through:

  • Wednesday rest days at the beginning of the school year, where Preps do not attend school so they can take a break midweek to help them get used to attending school on a full time basis. These dates will be confirmed towards the end of 2022.

  • the Buddy program where each prep student is "buddied up" with a senior student.  More information about the Buddy program can be found on the wellness programs page here.

2022 dates

Enrolments Open


Families are asked to register an enrolment enquiry through the school office.  The Enrolment Officer will be in contact and provide you with further information and move the enquiry to the application stage.

Tuesday 1st March

School Tours


Families wishing to become familiar with our school are invited to attend a school tour with staff and student leaders present.  To book a school tour, please go to the Book a Tour webpage under the Enrolment tab.

Monday 21 March, Tuesday 5 April

and Thursday 19 May

9:00am, 9:30am and 10:00am

Prep Information Evening

This is an opportunity to welcome everyone who is applying for a Prep position at St Patrick’s in 2023.  Important and up to date Information about our school and the enrolment process will be shared during this session.

This session is compulsory for all families and will be held in the school stadium as a face to face event.

Thursday 19 May

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Enrolments Close

Families are asked to complete their online applications by Friday 27 May 2022 to ensure that the enrolment application is given consideration.  The school can take up to 78 prep students in 2023 and in the event that more applications are received than places available, a waiting list will be created.

Friday 27 May

Transition conversations


Transition conversations are an opportunity for us to begin to get to know the child and parent/carer.  They are a time for parents to ask any questions you may have and to explore how to best support their child as they make the transition from kinder to school.  Please note, these meetings do not aim to determine if your child is ‘school ready’. If you have any questions regarding school readiness, it is best to have a conversation with your child’s kindergarten teacher.  These are compulsory for all families.


Monday 30 May to

Friday 17 June

Letters of Offer sent out

Once places are determined, letters of offer will be sent out to families on Friday 24 June (the last day of Term 2).  An acceptance form must be completed and returned to the school to secure the enrolment offer.

Please note, current delays with Australia Post deliveries may impact when you receive your letter of offer.

Friday 24 June

Kindergarten visits

Throughout Term Three and Four, our staff will contact each child's kindergarten and/or visit the children at their kindergarten to understand their education journey so far and to put things in place to support their transition.

Terms Three and Four

Discovery Days

Mondays in Term Three starting on Monday 12th July and the final session being Monday 13th September, our library will be open for you to visit and start discovering what school is like.  It will be a chance to share a favourite story and meet some new friends.  These sessions are not compulsory.  Information on how to book online will be sent with your Letter of Offer.

Mondays in Term Three

 12 July to 13 September

Additional transition sessions

Held during Term Four, on Tuesdays from 11-25 October, these small group sessions focus on supporting those children and families who may be new to the school or who would like to build their confidence at St Patrick's in a smaller setting.  These sessions are by request from the family or invitation from the school.

Tuesdays, 11, 18, 25 October

Additional family meetings

Between now and when the child begins, parents/carers may want to meet and discuss any further concerns or ideas they may have to provide their child with the best possibly start to school.  Meetings can be initiated by parents or the school as needed.

As needed

Transition mornings

Three mornings filled with fun and forming new friendships.  All children are required to attend to learn about school and meet their new peers and teachers.  Your child’s 2023 class and teacher will be announced at the final session.  All three sessions are compulsory for all students.

Term Four

Wednesday 9 November

Monday 14 November

Tuesday 22 November



Family information sessions

Whilst the children attend their transition mornings, parents/carers will attend these compulsory family information sessions.  They are an opportunity for the school to pass on information.  It is also an opportunity to meet other parents and ask questions.  These are compulsory.

As per transition mornings

Held in the school stadium


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