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School Staff

Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.

Rita Pierson (educational writer)

School Leadership


Deputy Principal​

Operations Manager

EA to Principal



Joint Teaching and Learning 


Learning Diversity

Student Wellbeing

Michael Bourne

Justine Sapiano

Tracy Connors

Elizabeth Darvell (Mo-Th)


Jessica Kurzman (Mo-Th)

Shelly Michalke &

Jessica Kurzman (Mo-Th)

Shelly Michalke

Natalie Rees

Carly O'Neal-Shipley

Sallyanne McMeikin

Classroom Teachers

Prep Blue

Prep Green

Prep Red

Prep Yellow

1 Blue

1 Green

1 Red

2 Blue

2 Green

2 Red

3 Blue

3 Green

3 Red

4 Blue

4 Green

4 Red

5 Blue

5 Green

5 Red

6 Blue

6 Green

6 Red

Whitney Pobjoy

Rachel Trotter

Tiffany Phillips

Cassie Thompson

Kayla Anquetil

Taylah Schofield

Mandy Chandler

Monica Barca

Aleisha Rogers

Anh Castles

Sam Gauci

Felicity Hall-Bowden (Mo-Th)

Tracy Richardson (Fr)

Michael Walsh

Rachael Finnin

Jake Peric

Sarah Benetti (Tu-Fr)
Tracy Richardson (Mo)

Rachael Williamson (Mo-Th)

Ben Boyd (Fr)

Kiandra Kindred

Bonnie Cullinan

Shara Hall

Brianna Mandaliti

Stephen Nugent

Specialist Teachers


Visual Arts

Physical Education


Hannah Giacomini

Jodie Hopper (Mo,Tu)

Ben Boyd (We)

Sophie Smith (Th-Fr)

Nick McDermott

Quentin Berlatier

Support Staff


Library Technician

Learning Support Officers

Melissa Duggan (

Cathy Minogue

Kerry Bickerton

Rosa Cannizzaro

Nikki Cook

Tanya Cunningham

Renee Dickson

Yianna Dimitropoulos

Amanda Harris

Donna Hinsley

Angela Hodgins

Emily Jacobs

Danielle Laffan

Kira Lazarev

Corina Lilburn

Justine McElvogue

Hayley McLaughlin

Kia Montgomery

Seema Oberoi

Justine Richardson

Sylvia Ruiz

Meg Tait

Carol Tully

Lisa Wesselman

Admin staff

Administration & Enrolments Officer

Administration Officer

Administration Officer

Digital Tech Admin/Admin Officer

Administration Officer

Administration Officer

Finance Officer

Payroll Officer

First Aid Officer

Maintenance Manager



Kathy Fuhrmann (M-We)

Elise Vlasveld (M, Tu, Th, F)

Emily King (Tu, We, Thu)

Kate Filipovic

Kaitlyn Bickerton (Tu)

Mikayla Amodio (Fr)

Deborah Amodio

Robyn Hallowell

Virginia Gannan

Adrian King (M, W, F)

Paul Liddy

Instrumental Music Staff

Music Coordinator




Vocals (singing)

Corey Mills

Corey Mills

Nathan Brincau

Edward Mountain

Ethan Wynne

Isabelle Zoch

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