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Hours, dates and calendar

Children benefit from routine and understanding what comes next.  We believe in communication and ensuring that students and families have all of the information they need to plan that routine.

School Hours

8:50am  -  Morning prayer and roll

9:00am  -  Sessions 1 and 2

11:00am  -  Recess

11:30am  -  Sessions 3 and 4

1:30pm  -  Lunch

2:10pm  -  Session 5

3:15pm  -  Class dismissed

2024 Term Dates

Term One - Wednesday 31 January to Thursday 28 March

Term Two - Monday 15 April to Thursday 27 June

Term Three - Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September

Term Four - Monday 7 October to Wednesday 18 December

All calendar dates can be found in the electronic calendar located in the parent/carer PAM account.

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