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School Fees

School fees cover basic tuition, capital works for maintenance and development of school buildings, provision of specialist tuition, as well as camps.  To sustain quality Catholic education at St Patrick’s, parents agree at enrolment that full school fees and levies are payable when the school accepts the enrolment of their child.

The Catholic Parish of St Patrick’s Kilmore, in association with the educational vision of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, seeks to offer a Catholic education for its children.  St Patrick’s Primary School seeks to provide excellence in education, with Catholic values at its heart, wholistic in its scope and pastoral in its process.


It is necessary for St Patrick’s to collect school fees to cover financial costs in meeting the goals of the school and the parents who choose Catholic education for their children.


St Patrick’s sets school fees annually taking into account the Archdiocesan recommended minimum fee, government contributions and the local circumstances of the community.


We recognise that in particular circumstances, from time to time, parents may need an avenue for discussion and mutual decision with school personnel about the procedure and capacity to pay the given fees.  The Parish has placed the role of fee management with the Principal of the school.  The Principal will access the advice and consult with other appropriate authorities within the school, the parish and Catholic Education in determining just decisions about the level of school fees in any particular year and in discussion with any particular parent or family in regard to the payments of fees.


The School Fees and Charges Policy can be found here.


2024 School Fees

School Fees have two components: family fees and per child fees.  School fees are subject to the Concessional Fee Policy (see below).

The 2024 Family Fee has been set as follows:

  • Tuition Fee      $1,977.00 per family, per year

  • Capital Fee      $  822.00 per family, per year (not tax deductible)


The 2024 Per Child fees have been set as follows:

  • Book subject fee         $313.00 per child

  • ICT fee                            $149.00 per child

  • Excursion fee                $  56.00 per child


  • Year 4 camp fee          $220.00 per child

  • Year 5 camp fee          $500.00 per child

  • Year 6 camp fee          $500.00 per child

The fees for one child in Prep to Year 3 would be $3,317 in 2024, for two siblings in Prep to Year 3 it would be $3,835 in 2024, etc.

School fees are charged to the family at the start of the year for the whole of the year.

All the fees for the year are to be paid in full by the end of Term 3.

The school uses direct debit as the method of payment of school fees.  We can also accept EFTPOS, cash, cheque, direct deposit into our bank account for any overdue payments or upfront payments in full.


We ask all families to fill out the direct debit form upon enrolment, or at the commencement of the school year if a direct debit is not currently in place.  If you are not able to pay fees by direct debit, please contact the Finance Department ( to discuss an alternative payment plan.




Concessional Fee Policy

Late in 2021, our head office, MACS, released a new Concessional Fee Policy, which provides reduced fees for: families of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; families with Health Care or DVA Cards; or those families facing severe financial hardship  If you believe that you may be eligible for a concessional fee, please contact the Finance Department ( to request the documentation to apply for the concessional fee.  The concessional fee must be paid by direct debit and the concessional fee is not retrospective, and any existing debt stands in full.

The Concessional Fee Policy can be found here.

The Concessional Fee Application Form can be found here.

The 2024 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form can be found here.

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