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Playgroup and Breakfast Club

At St Patrick's Primary School our Community Lounge is more than a staff room, it is a space for everyone, staff, students and families, to interact with the school.  We value the relationships with our families and we believe that when we enrol a student, we enrol the whole family.  That's why at St Patrick's we offer opportunities for younger siblings and their parents/carers to also engage with the school through our Playgroup and for students to come together and participate in the Breakfast Club program.

Playgroup takes place in the Community Lounge every Monday from 9:00am to 10:30am.  It is a fun environment for babies, infants, through to kinder aged children, to come together and play.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to come together and get to know each other.

The St Patrick's Playgroup is open to everyone, including existing families and those families looking to enrol at St Patrick's in the future.  The playgroup allows both the children and the families to get to know the school and the staff, which aids with transition to school as the children get to school age.

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Breakfast Club

St. Patrick’s Breakfast Club is open to all students every Friday between 8:15am and 8:40am.  Whether a child is in need of breakfast, or is looking for a social opportunity, breakfast club is open to all students.

With the support of St Vincent De Paul, the breakfast club encourages students to eat breakfast and to engage with other students in a relaxed environment.  Parents/Carers must give permission for a child to attend and provide any allergy information.  A permission form is sent to all families at the start of each year via the Parent Access Module (PAM) which can be found in your SIMON Everywhere phone app or through the computer login.

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