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Transitioning to Prep

Starting prep is a very exciting time for the whole family and the beginning of your child's journey through school.  At St Patrick's, we aim to provide a welcoming and supportive community filled with opportunities for children to grow in confidence as they begin their first school year.


Our Transition to School program is made up of several parts which this year have had to be adjusted in light of current restrictions. For the remainder of the year we have the following Transition activities planned:

  1. Family Information Sessions;

  2. Modified Small Group Transition Sessions;

  3. Kindergarten contact;

  4. Additional Family Meeting.

Once at school, the transition is further assisted through:

  • Wednesday rest days at the beginning of the school year, where Preps do not attend school so they can take a break midweek to help them get used to attending school on a full time basis. These dates will be confirmed towards the end of 2020.

  • the Buddy program where each prep student is "buddied up" with a senior student.  More information about the Buddy program can be found on a programs and clubs page here.

Kindergarten contact

Our staff will also be in contact with your child's kindergarten over the coming weeks to continue the conversation on how to best support your child as they transition from kindergarten to our school in 2021.

Term Four

Additional family meetings

Meetings can be arranged to discuss supporting your child's transition to Prep as needed. Please email our Transition Coordinator to arrange,

Term Four

Transition mornings

Transition Mornings will NOT be held on the mornings of the 9th, 19th and 23rd of November as previously advertised, these sessions are being replaced by smaller group sessions in line with current guidelines. 


The dates for these sessions are Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th, Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th November, pending current restrictions and guidelines.


Families will receive an invitation for their child to attend one of these sessions. Sessions will only be one hour long with a maximum of ten students in attendance. Parents will not be able to attend.

Term Four

Monday 16 November

Wednesday 18 November

Monday 23 November

Wednesday 25 November

Family information sessions

Our Prep 2021 Family Information Sessions, which usually take place on the Orientation Mornings, will this year be held as a pre-recorded online session.  The session will be available to families from Monday 16th November on the school website.

Families are required to view the session at a time convenient to them throughout the week starting the 16th November.  While the sessions will not be 'live' we will be encouraging families to submit any questions or comments they have regarding the session via a google survey which will be emailed out on the morning of the 16th.

Please see to the right a link to Part One of our Prep 2021 Family Information Session. We apologise that this was not available yesterday, we had some technical issues but they have been resolved this morning so hopefully you can access this with ease.

This session unpacks some important administration and school structure information and we ask that all families take the time to view it sometime throughout this week.

Please note that there will be two additional installments to this information session. They are:

  • Part Two which looks at preparing for a successful transition to Prep  will be available from Tuesday 24th November.

  • Part Three which looks at some more specific details for Prep 2021 will be available from Tuesday 4th December.


If you have any questions or comments throughout the session I ask that you please record them through the online survey using the link to the right.  If you have any issues accessing either the presentation or the survey please contact me via email.

Online from

Monday 16 November 2020

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