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Physical Education

Sport, recreation and play are essential attributes in the physical and social development of our students at St. Patrick’s.  Sport also helps to define culture and our PE program includes interschool Summer and Winter Sport Carnivals.  Not only does sport develop specific physical skills, it also improves health, fitness, develop social skills, friendships, team work and fair play.

At St. Patrick’s Primary School, Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum. Students participate and enjoy a one hour lesson each week of Physical Education (PE) and our aim is to provide ALL students with:

  • Physical activities that encourage maximum participation, are inclusive and fun and cater for all student’s needs.

  • Various challenging activities to engage, maintain interest and increase student enjoyment in physical activity.

  • To develop students Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) and sporting skills so they can participate confidently in a wide range of physical activities and sport.

We are a 'Sporting School' at St Patrick's and each year we provide opportunities for our students to enjoy a range of different sports, delivered by specialist coaches.  Click here to find out how this initiative benefits our children.

At the end of each year, St. Patrick’s holds its own sports carnival where the focus is on participation and having fun. Students compete for their house, Chisholm, McAuley, Morrison or O’Rourke, earning points throughout the day.

​Inter-School Sporting Carnivals

The Interschool Sport program runs separately to the Physical Education program for students in Grades Three to Six. It incorporates swimming, cross-country and athletics carnivals. It is a voluntary program, where students who wish to participate, are required to trial for different events. Students who are successful in gaining a place in these teams, participate firstly at the Mitchell District level against other local primary schools. From the District level, students who achieve a first or second placing go on to compete at the Whittlesea Division level and from here they may be successful to compete at the Northern Metropolitan Region level.  More information about this can be seen below as part of School Sports Victoria.


In addition to these carnivals, all Grade Six students participate in Interschool Summer and Winter Sports. These sports include basketball, softball, rounders and modified cricket for the summer and netball, AFL, soccer and tee-ball for the winter carnivals.

School Sport Victoria

St. Patrick’s has a long and proud history of students from Year 3 to 6 competing in School Sport Victoria (SSV) events.  Trials are held at school and students are selected for the District Team based upon their commitment, respect and skill in their chosen sport.  If successful at District events students will get the opportunity to compete at Division, Regional and State Championships.  


The ‘Mitchell District’ competitions are: Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.


NB: Students can also compete at a National level and would have to attend a trial for their respective sport, which is organised through School Sport Victoria (SSV).  Parents and Carers, please click here for further information on the nomination process and selection for state teams.

Participation in School Sport Victoria events are an extremely important part of a child's learning here at St Patrick's Primary School.  Have you got a sporting achievement that you are proud of!  You can print off your Participation Certificate, by selecting the relevant button and typing in your details.  This can be accessed in the School Sports Victoria website link:

School Sport Victoria.jpg

Pathways to Excellence - Victorian All Schools Track & Field and Cross-Country Championships


St. Pat’s students that are interested in representing Victoria in Track & Field and Cross Country at a national level will need to compete in Athletics Victoria (AV) organised events to qualify.  Parents and carers please click on the following link for further information:

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