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Carols by Candlelight

St Patrick's Primary School held its inaugural Carols by Candlelight on Thursday 14 December. It was a wonderful night of singing, dancing and just generally spending time together out of the classroom, and with our students' families.

The night consisted of traditional and modern carols and also included a solo performance by 3 Blue student, Edie Marchant. Congratulations to all of our students who performed so well and entertained our families so beautifully.

A big thank you to TNT for providing our "stage" on the back of one of their trucks. Thanks also to the Parents and Friends committee for providing popcorn and drinks for everyone to purchase with funds raised going to the St Vincent's de Paul Christmas appeal, which raised $416.45. Also a big thank you to our staff for attending and assisting on the night.

Finally, a big thank you to our prep treachers, Sam Gauci, Sarah Benetti, Benita Munari and Erin Engel for organising and coordinating such a wonderful event that brought so many of our staff, students and families together all at once.

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