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Thank you to our volunteers

Our volunteers are such an important part of our school. Each year many parents, grandparents, extended family and friends give up their valuable time to assist the school.

Those activities extend beyond the classroom, which is an invaluable assistance, but also includes attending excursions and working bees, helping in the canteen, library, or art room, going on camps, or helping through taking things home to do. It also includes those who are involved in the P&F or School Advisory Board. Without this, the school would find it difficult to provide the range of activities and events that currently occurs.

To recognise the valuable contribution that is made, the school held a morning tea this morning (Monday 18th) in the community lounge to say thank you for what a wonderful contribution that these people make.

If you would like to assist in some way at the school next year, please head to the Parents at School page, or head to the Induction page to ensure that you ready to help.

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