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Winners in and out of the pool

Well, St Pat's have done it again....for the 16th year running our fabulous students have brought home the District Swimming Shield! As our physical education teacher, Wendy McDonald, said to the students before they got off the bus, 'we've been winning this since before any of you were even born!' WOW!

Thirty students from Years 3-6 competed at the Whittlesea Pool yesterday (Thursday 15 Feb) and aside from their swimming ability, their sportsmanship and behaviour were both standouts. Our students consistently cheered for students from other schools who were challenged with the distance, in some cases, we were the only ones cheering for students from other schools who were a lap behind the others.

As Mrs McDonald said, "It was definitely one of those days were I can openly say how proud I was to be the teacher of such a great group of students."

We don't have final numbers, but we'll possibly have 27 students attending the Division Carnival on March 5th.

Many thanks to Mrs McDonald for all of her wonderful organising of these events. Many thanks to all of the Years 3-6 teachers who have already accommodated two days of interruptions to their programs. Thanks also to Miss Melville, Mrs Vorster, Mr Devlin and Mrs Roberts who have attended the trials and the carnival. We also had a huge number of parents and grandparents who came along to both the trials and carnival to assist and support our students.

Attached is a clip of our students displaying sportsmanship to the highest "Let's go Wandong, let's go!"

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