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Religious Education

Parents, students and staff work together as witnesses to the Good News (Gospel) in the way they shape the school community and enact a vision of the Kingdom of God. Here students are supported to grow, enlightened by faith, animated by love and leading to hope.

"Learning as encounter is a dialogical, relational and optimistic pedagogy, one that opens up horizons of hope for the future for the individual learner, their school, the Church and the wider community." 

"Religious Education as a particular curriculum area is critical to education in a Catholic school. It deliberately attends to the spiritual development of each person, acknowledging and celebrating the Holy Spirit at work, inviting relationship with God and a Christ-like stance towards others. At the same time it is a disciplined process of ‘faith seeking understanding’, where the questions of God, beliefs and life are articulated and explored in dialogue with the Catholic Tradition to develop students’ faith lives and stimulate a search for meaning and truth. It is interpretative by nature and deepens learning when students are invited to explore cross-curricular connections."


Here at St Patrick's we integrate RE and Inquiry to facilitate students making these connections. Teachers implement learning activities informed by the Religious Education Curriculum Framework –, and learning progression is guided by achievement standards the following areas:

● Scripture and Jesus

● Church and Community

● God, Religion and Life

● Sacrament, Prayer and Liturgy

● Morality and Justice

This information is taken from the MACS publication "Religious Dimension", which can be found here.

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