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School Planning

School planning is a continuous process that involves looking at the immediate, short, medium and long term needs of the school.  It also involves numerous documents and processes, including an external four-yearly school review.
Annual Action Plan

The annual action plan is developed from the school improvement plan.  The annual action plan drives the improvement agenda for the year. Goals, key improvement strategies, and intended outcomes and drawn from the five spheres within the school improvement framework.


During Term Four the Annual Action Plan is reviewed.  The evidence collected determines if the goals have been met or require adjusting for the following year.

School Improvement Plan

The ultimate goal of school improvement is to improve outcomes for students including levels of achievement and wellbeing.


The school improvement framework promotes a four year cycle of school improvement and  recognises the distinctive nature of catholic school.


The catholic school vision developed by the school community provides the motivating force for all school improvement planning within that specific catholic school community. The vision is embedded in five interdependent spheres of school: Education in faith, Learning  and Teaching, Student Wellbeing, School Community and Leadership and Management.


The framework seeks to support schools in establishing the organisational conditions to support continuous improvement. It aims to ensure that the unique features of each school situation are recognised and that the analysis of the schools particular context is used to inform the development and subsequent implementation of school improvement strategies.

The framework promotes an evidence- based inquiry approach to planning within the school. It requires schools to incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student outcomes to ensure continuous school improvement is made.


St Patrick’s is currently in the first year of the school improvement cycle.

A copy of the school's current School Improvement Plan can be found here.

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