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  • Gardening Club

    Our Gardening Club dedicate their own time to the vegetable garden between the Year 4 and 5 classrooms. Here is a time lapse video of our great volunteers preparing one of the garden beds.

  • Week 9 Assembly

    This week's assembly video can be found here:

  • Photo Catch-up Day

    A reminder to all of our families that photo catch-up day is on Wednesday 2 December (next week). If any student did not have an individual photo taken, or any family ordered a family photo and it was not taken, please email your classroom teacher so that we can ensure that you are on the list to have the photo taken next week. Year 6 students will also have a graduation photo taken, so we ask all Year 6 students to be ready for their photo next week. Please ensure that all students that require a photo are in full summer uniform (not sports uniform, even if you have PE that day).

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  • Staff Induction | St Patrick's Kilmore

    New Staff Induction Welcome to St Patrick's Primary School in Kilmore. We welcome you into our relational school. We believe in ensuring that you feel supported as you enter the school and begin for the first time, as we understand the nerves that comes with a new job. This webpage is designed to provide you with all of your initial school knowledge. This is your ongoing reference guide that you can continuously refer back to as you find your feet and establish yourself at St Pat's. Welcome. As you work through this induction, you will receive information about working at St Pat's. The blue section is information thta is relevant to all staff. The grey section is for teaching staff only. Please click on the photo of the staff member at the start of each section for an introduction, and then the subsequent icon links for additional information. At the end is a Google Form that you must complete to confirm that you have completed your induction components. Start here... Michael Bourne School Principal Julia Wake Deputy Principal RE Leader Staff absences Yard duty Prayer and Liturgy Sacrament Program Formation and Accreditation VIT Teaching Requirements Tracy Connors Operations Manager Family School Partnerships Leader Introductory Video Induction program Staff Induction Information 2022 School Calendar Staff Hierarchy C Number Background Checks Medical Training CompliSpace PolicyConnect CompliLearn Launchpad Family School Partnerships School Tour VCEMEA 2018 (Staff award) Liz Darvell EA to Principal and DP OH&S Representative Report a Safety Hazard Report an Incident Robyn Hallowell Payroll Officer Tax Form Superannuation Form Personal Details ePortal Shelly Michalke Digital Technologies Leader Introductory video ICT Policies Email account Google Drive SIMON ICT Resources and Protocols Teaching staff keep going... Other staff can go to the bottom and fill out the induction completion form. Shelly Michalke & Jess Kurzman Joint Teaching & Learning Leaders Kate Ruck Literacy Leader How to mark the roll in SIMON Data books Hapara Seesaw Google Classroom Student Mobile Phones Reporting Planning Assessment Schedule Literacy requirements Reading requirements Writing requirements Smart Spelling InitiaLit (Prep - Year 2) CAFE (Years 3-6) Library time Jess Kurzman Maths Leader Introductory Video Mathletics Maths Olympics Cassie Thompson Student Wellbeing Leader Wellbeing Information Natalie Rees Learning Diversity Leader Learning Diversity Padlet Congratulations, you are finished.... Congratulations on getting through the wealth of information that has been provided to you here. We know that there is a lot to take in, and that you will forget some of this. That's why it is here in this format, so that you can continuously refer back to the information as you need it. ​ Now that you have finished, can you please complete the Google Form below to confirm that you have completed your induction program. ​ This is an important part of your induction into St Patrick's, and we thank you for participating. Please keep asking questions, because that's how you learn. Induction Completion Form

  • Social Emotional Learning | St Patrick's Primary School Kilmore

    Social and Emotional Learning Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps students to learn and practice skills that they need to build resilience and manage their emotions and relationships with others. This may include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships skills and responsible decision-making. To provide the best opportunities for all students to achieve their full potential, Catholic school communities seek to provide a comprehensive curriculum with strong pedagogical understandings and evidence-informed practices to personalise learning and engage young people at a level appropriate to their knowledge, skill and ability. (Horizons of Hope, CEM, 2017) ​ To do this St. Patrick’s has clear expectations in regard to the teaching of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Each class is expected to explicitly teach SEL in a 45- 60 minute lesson per week. To do this the school uses 3 approaches including a new approach for St Patrick’s being the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) program as the main source of content for SEL lessons. This program aims to support students develop students’ social, emotional and positive relationship skills. The RRRR program links with the Australian curriculum and ensures that students are being consistently taught the expected outcomes across their schooling at St Patrick’s. Secondly we use resources obtained from the trauma informed practices of the Berry Street Education Model particularly in the areas of self regulation and teacher instruction/ co-regulation skills. The whole school was trained in these practices over 2017, 2018 and 2019. ​ The third source of information for the successful teaching of SEL at St Patrick’s is the use of the Zones of Regulation program. This program is utilised by many external specialists including Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists. St Patrick’s utilises this program to ensure that there is a common language among the school and external professionals in reference to emotions and emotional regulation tools. It supports students to hear consistently that all people have emotions, there are no good or bad emotions, and all people need tools and/ or support to regulate their emotions sometimes. ​ The RRRR explicit learning program falls under the whole school approach of Respectful Relationships (RR). St Patrick’s is in our first Year of RR and is under the mentorship of Assumption College who also use these methodologies and the RRRR program across all year levels. St Patrick’s has combined the methodologies of Respectful Relationships and our involvement in the Berry Street Education Model to address the needs of the St Patrick’s community. St. Patrick believes in nurturing student wellbeing in order for all students to engage in their learning and inevitably flourish. The school system targets wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning at an individual, class and whole school level. “Engaged learners have a positive sense of identity, connection with their peers and community. They are invested in learning in and beyond the classroom. This enables them to flourish and grow in confidence as curious, optimistic and inspired knowledge-builders, problem-solvers, conceptual thinkers and self-motivated learners.” Horizons of Hope, CEM, 2017 Religious Education Specialist Subjects

  • St Patrick's Primary School, Kilmore

    Welcome to St Patrick's Kilmore St Patrick’s is founded on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ as they are presented to us in the Gospel. Our students are placed at the centre of everything we do, as we work collaboratively with our families to maximise students outcomes. News: Enrolments available in Prep for 2022 - go to Enrolments tab for more information Considering St Patrick's? St Patrick's is an inclusive Catholic primary school that welcomes families from all faith backgrounds. We pride ourselves on enrolling the "whole family" and building strong family-school partnerships between each family an the school to ensure that every child flourishes. We encourage you to watch this short video and then go to the Enrolments webpage for further information. Book a school tour Why St Patrick's Kilmore? St Patrick’s is a MACS school and are a member school of Marist Schools Australia, alongside our sister school, Assumption College. We are a feeder school to Assumption College, and provide ongoing connections and transitions between the schools. Watch this video to see the school for yourself and then head to the Enrolments webpage for more information. St Patrick's Videos Make an enrolment enquiry

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