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  • Gardening Club

    Our Gardening Club dedicate their own time to the vegetable garden between the Year 4 and 5 classrooms. Here is a time lapse video of our great volunteers preparing one of the garden beds.

  • Week 9 Assembly

    This week's assembly video can be found here:

  • Photo Catch-up Day

    A reminder to all of our families that photo catch-up day is on Wednesday 2 December (next week). If any student did not have an individual photo taken, or any family ordered a family photo and it was not taken, please email your classroom teacher so that we can ensure that you are on the list to have the photo taken next week. Year 6 students will also have a graduation photo taken, so we ask all Year 6 students to be ready for their photo next week. Please ensure that all students that require a photo are in full summer uniform (not sports uniform, even if you have PE that day).

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  • Staff | St Patrick's Primary School Kilmore

    School Staff School Leadership Principal Deputy Principal​ Business Operations Manager and Family School Partnerships EA to Principal Literacy Maths Joint Teaching and Learning ​ Digital Technologies/STEAM School Improvement Learning Diversity School Improvement Student Wellbeing Michael Bourne Julia Wake Tracy Connors Elizabeth Darvell Kate Ruck Jessica Kurzman (Mo-Th) Shelly Michalke & Jessica Kurzman (Mo-Th) Shelly Michalke Robyn Roberts Natalie Rees Sarah Smith Cassie Thompson ​ ​ ​ Classroom Teachers Prep Blue Prep Green Prep Red ​ 1 Blue ​ 1 Green 1 Red ​ 2 Blue 2 Green 2 Red ​ 3 Blue 3 Green 3 Red ​ ​ 4 Blue 4 Green 4 Red ​ 5 Blue ​ 5 Green ​ 5 Red ​ 6 Blue 6 Green ​ 6 Red Murray Mann Rachel Trotter Bonnie Cullinan ​ Melissa Caulfield (M, T, T, F) TBA (W) Monica Barca Bentia Munari ​ Sarah Benetti Bethany Peterson Laura Gannon ​ Makayla Green Tiffany Phillips (Tue-Fri) Jake Peric (Mon) Stephen Nugent Jake Peric (Fri) ​ Brianna Mandaliti Sam Gauci Lauren Bau ​ Rachel Heppel (Mon-Thu) Julie Igelsias (Fri) Selina Buckley (not Thu) Julie Igelsias (Thu) Ben Boyd ​ Ivan Dundovic Taylah Schofield (Mon-Tue) Anh Castles (Wed-Fri) Simone Griffith (M, W, Th) Melissa Duggan (Tu, F) ​ ​ ​ jake.peric jake.peric ​ ​ ​ Specialist Teachers Science Visual Arts ​ Physical Education French Rachael Williamson Monica Varga (Mon & Tue) Jodie Hopper (Wed - Fri) Nick McDermott Quentin Berlatier Support Staff Counsellor Speech Pathologist Library Aide Learning Support Officers Kirstie Machen Amanda Webb Cathy Minogue Olivia Aquilina Kerry Bickerton Justine Brincat Rosa Cannizzaro Kylie Collier Nikki Cook (Tue, Wed, Fri) Tanya Cunningham Linda Daws (Mon-Thu) Renee Dickson Amanda Harris Donna Hinsley (Mon-Thu) Danielle Laffan (Tue-Fri) Corina Lilburn (Tue-Fri) Teresa Machen (Tue-Fri) Justine McElvogue (not Mon on alternate weeks) Kia Montgomery Sylvia Ruiz Mandy Tait (Mon-Thu) Meg Tait (not Fri on alternate weeks) Caroline Tomkins (Wed- Fri) Admin staff Admin, Payroll & Enrolments Officer Administration Officer Administration Officer Digital Tech Admin/Admin Officer Finance Officer First Aid Officer Maintenance Manager Groundsman Kathy Fuhrmann (Mon-Thu) Elise Vlasveld Emily King (Tue, Wed) Kate Filipovic Deb Amodio Virginia Gannan Chris Answer Paul Liddy Instrumental Music Staff Music Coordinator Drums Guitar Piano ​ ​ ​ Dance Vocals (singing) Corey Mills Corey Mills Edward Mountain Fleur Smith Barb Smith Ethan Wynne Joseph Zielinski Jacinta Harris Fleur Smith Employment Opportunities History

  • St Patrick's Primary School, Kilmore

    ST PATRICK'S St Patrick's is a relational school that believes in strong family-school relationships to help foster the best outcomes for the students, both academically as well as socially and emotionally. Get In Touch News: Prep enrolments now open - contact the office on (03) 5782 1579 Bonjour, and welcome to St Patrick's Kilmore St Patrick’s is founded on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ as they are presented to us in the Gospel. Our students are placed at the centre of everything we do, as we work collaboratively with our families to maximise students outcomes. Recent Blog posts Gardening Club 89 Write a comment 4 Week 9 Assembly 46 Write a comment 1 Photo Catch-up Day A reminder to all of our families that photo catch-up day is on Wednesday 2 December (next week). If any student did not have an... 38 Write a comment St Patrick's Videos

  • Canteen | St Patrick's Primary School Kilmore

    School Canteen St Patrick’s values healthy eating practices for students, staff and the wider school community, and aim to provide an effective canteen service that provides choices of healthy food in a manner that complies with all health regulations and requirements When? ​ St Patrick's provides a school canteen service to its students on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, through a lunch order system and over-the-counter sales at lunchtime from 1:30pm to 2:00pm. ​ How? ​ Lunch orders are ordered by parents writing an order and enclosing the money, for the students to then put into the lunch order tub. That tub is then delivered to the canteen at the start of each school day. The lunch orders are then fulfilled and returned to the classes in the same lunch order tubs. ​ Menu? ​ The canteen menu is reviewed by the canteen manager each term and a copy of the current canteen menu can be found on the blue button below: ​ ​ ​ ​ Over-the-counter items are not available for purchase through the lunch order system. ​ Lunch bags? ​ The lunch orders can be written on a brown paper bag, an envelope (when ordering a paper bag) or on a reusable lunch order bag, which can be purchased from the Parents and Friends Association through the front office. The reusable lunch order bags can be either insulated ($12) or not ($10) and come in a range of colours, They have secure zipped pockets for writing the order and enclosing money, as well as a dedicated space for the name and class details, to help ensure orders go to the right classroom. More information about the lunch bags can be found here . ​ Other information? The school canteen is operated by an independent operator under an access agreement, pursuant to the school's Canteen Policy. A copy of the Canteen Policy can be found here . ​ The canteen is operated in line with the Victorian Department of Education's 'Go for your life’ Healthy Canteen Kit – Food planner guidelines. A copy of the guidelines can be found here . ​ For more information, or to contact the canteen, you can email: Canteen Menu Like the St Patrick's Canteen Facebook page here: Assembly Uniform

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